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Convenient Drop off Policy


Clients can get their tax paperwork to us in a number of convenient ways:


  • Drop off your paperwork at your convenience and we will let you know once the return is complete.

  • You can either pick up the completed return, we can mail it to you, or upload the return to our secure document web portal and you can print it from there.

  • Make an appointment with a tax preparer to review your paperwork, leave it with us and we will contact you upon completion.

  • Make an appointment and have your return completed while you wait. Appointments are available. However, this option is not well suited for lengthy returns.



Information to Bring to Your Appointment 


  1. Driver’s license and social security card of primary taxpayer (for identification purposes)

  2. Social security numbers and dates of birth for taxpayer, spouse and all dependents

  3. Copy of 2013 income tax return

  4. Original W-2s and other statements of income received from employers

  5. 1099s and other statements reporting interest/dividends/retirement distributions/miscellaneous income

  6. Records of other income received (tips, self-employment, social security income, combined bank reporting statements, rental)

  7. K-1s

  8. Itemized deduction support

  9. Cancelled checking/savings slip (for direct deposit info)

  10. Completed Tax & Accounting Alliances, LLC's Client Organizer.  Click on the link below to download a copy of our Client Organizer now.





Other items may be needed given client’s specific situation.

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